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Ozi Magic

1Kg Monsta Grow Powder - Hydroponic Plant Formation Nutrient - Ozi Magic Gro

1Kg Monsta Grow Powder - Hydroponic Plant Formation Nutrient - Ozi Magic Gro

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Be your own chemist and make full spectrum hydroponic nutrients. Available in both grow and bloom formulations. Halve your nutrient costs. It's simple, just add contents to luke warm water in order. Always dissolve part A first (and separately). Follow the instructions for the original formula or blend the 7 separate bags in accordance with your own personalised recipe.


  • Can halve your nutrient costs
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Easy and simple

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 1Kg Monsta Gro Powder by Ozi Magic Gro Juice'.
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  • Organic

    Pesticide Free! Meaning your produce is organic with no chemicals. We developed our systems to keep the pests out and you eating only organic
  • Sustainability

    Grow up to 30% more food, 3x faster! Save up to 90% more space and 98% more water compared to traditional growing methods. Plus, there’s no digging, weeding, or watering.
  • Beginner to Expert

    You don't have to be a gardener or expert to use our products. We have designed our products and systems to ensure anyone can grow their own produce and contribute to the sustainability of agriculture.
  • Customer Support

    Unlike others we provide hands on support from coming out to your house to assist, to having a direct line to our team to call or text 24/7. That's what we do best!

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