We are changing the way of farming and to do that we need to create sustainable projects that utilise our research and development of sustainable products. 

Our range of projects in development are fundamental to the hydroponic and aeroponics future within Australia. 

Bungonia, New South Wales - Green House

Located 2 hours out of Sydney CBD and 20 minutes from Goulburn township. The Bungonia Green House is a current project undertaken with a local farmer who has had a hard time post Covid and labor shortages. Our team utilised a 300sqm Storage shed and transformed it into a tower frenzy, the farmer also took on two of our Hydroponic containers. 

Over the duration of 3 months, the farmer generated over 31.8% yield more than than his pre covid years. The farmer produced products such as snake beans, beans, silver beat, lettuce, capsicum, chilies and cucumber. 

The famer was able to successfully grow strawberries in his two container hydroponic center's, which is difficult to grow in the Goulburn region and was a seller to the Harris Farmers market in Canberra. 


Geraldton, Western Australia & Mudgee, New South Wales - H2GROW systems 

 We are currently designing and developing a hydroponic and aeroponic systems for one of our clients. Our client was a former farmer, who turned away from farming in 2019 due to environmental factors, undercutting and lack of exports. 

This farmer and his family own multiple farms across Australia and have asked us to implement a system that can work towards being automated. 

The farmer has given us two locations to work with farmlands in Mudgee NSW & Geraldton WA. Below are the designs and concepts we will be carrying out for the projects.