Farming Container

The hydroponic shipping container farm is essentially a small movable greenhouse. It is a solid green ammunition warehouse created by people to deal with land desertification, lack of water resources, or lack of land.

Our customers use this hydroponic system to cultivate the crops they need, such as fodder, corn seedlings, sprouts, mushrooms, vegetables, and ginseng, etc.

One of the advantages of our products: After all the system components are assembled, there is no need to install them again, that means after being transported to your local area, they only need to be connected to water and electricity to start work, which we do for you! 

We also offer customers the option to run it on solar and renewable energy to promote greater stainability and efficiency of the farming container!


Set Up 1: Leafy Greens

Shows the structure of a food container intended for leafy greens, such as lettuce, kale, silver beet and spinach

The designs consists of vertical and horizontal NFT techniques. 

Annual Production rate: 6300KG of Produce (Average)


Step Up 2: Everyday Vegetables & Firm Fruits
The structure below is a diagram and development of our everyday vegetables container. intended for the purpose of tomato's, cucumber, zucchini, beans, chili, melons, pumpkins and other sturdier vegetables
The design consists of mainly vertical farming 
Annual Production: 15,000KG - 20,000KG  (Average)


Step Up 3: Berries 
The structure below is a diagram and development of our favorite berries and fruits that do not require trees. Such as strawberries and blueberries, 
The design consists of mainly horizontal NFT techniques 
Annual Production: 6,000KG (Average)