Vertical Tower

The vertical hydroponic tower actually is aeroponic tower growing system, which is supply plant nutrients by atomizing water.

H2GROW have designed the towers with careful consideration aiming to enable the roots of the plants to gain more oxygen and utilise less water.  The less use of water consumption aims on saving everyday households and farmers less. On average utilising 90% Less water than traditional agriculture techniques. 

The vertical towers are especially suitable for the building of greenhouse hydroponic systems in high-temperature areas. Such as the Middle East and Tropical areas like northern Queensland and Western Australia. 

It can be said planting plants in aeroponic towers generally grows faster than hydroponic systems, the average growth rate can be increased by 1.5 to 2 times. Whilst generating 3 times greater yield than traditional farming. The option to add LED lighting enables the products to generate optimal results and yield

A single Tower Farms unit takes up less than 6 sq ft. and uses stackable sections that can hold four plants each. (So, an 11 section-tall unit accommodates 44 plants.) That means you can produce up to 10x more food than a conventional farm of the same size without paying for extra land.

Our team not only aims to provide these products just to farmers or those involved in the agriculture sector. We also aim to transform the everyday household into a sustainable effective home producing pockets of produce.